Phantasy Management LLC, is a full service talent management company located in Baltimore, MD. The overall goal is to help guide independent artists through the entertainment industry. Get a sense of what we are about at Phantasy Management. Check out our amazing team and talented clients. Are you an independent artist with a dream? Our Phantasy Management staff are ready and able to help you reach your goals.

We are a company where musicians and producers have a creative outlet to support and nurture their skill to create their best platform: a platform saturated in culture. However, we also train the musicians the business world of collaboration to ultimately reach their goals.

Our approach:

To provide the groundwork capable of steering both music and business with concentration on helping the musicians create and implement long lasting connections with consumers. If you are in the business of entertainment you must have a strong foundation of viable music that connects with your audience. It’s our job to have the best experienced producers and songwriters to target the audience, and help the artists achieve their goals.




Artist Development

At Phantasy management, we take specialized care in shaping the artist career for the long run. With a carefully crafted plan, we develop the artist stage presence, social media presence, songwriting skills and etc.



At Phantasy Management, brand managers provide competitive marketing techniques and use analysis tools to reach the target market for your brand. By continuously monitoring the marketing trends we are able to build a connection with the target audience and ultimately expand your brand. We offer management of artists’ marketing and promotion information — biographies, social profile, photos, videos, news, press releases, tour dates and simultaneous updating of your social networks, artist sites and blogs.


Project Management

At Phantasy Management we tackle all projects, big or small. Our team helps you to achieve your companies goals, within budget and on schedule.

Web Design

Your website is a extension of your business and plays a big part in securing new clients as well as retaining the old ones. We work diligently with our clients to insure that their website represents there brand fully.

Music Publishing

As a music publishing company, our job is to protect the artist by ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially.

Public Relations

Our public relations department is here to take the stress of dealing with the public off of your hands so you can continue to succeed as an businessman/women. We will protect, enhance and build your reputation through the media, while successfully delivering a spot on message that speaks to your companies brands.


Graphic Design

Let our graphic design artist take your idea to the next level. We connect you with your target market by means of visual communications.


Our amazing photographers are here to deliver the best experience you have ever had when taking pictures. Whether the images you take are professional head shots, marketing purposes, or to celebrate an event, our team creatives a look that is professionally creative and takes you to the next level. You deserve the best photos, why not let our team create the best for you!




The Core Group



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By Mia Manns Everyone finds the mystery in “H.E.R. Volume 1.” First of all, the artist didn’t show her face in videos or promotional material until 2018. H.E.R. stands for Having Everything Revealed, which may leave some still fans wondering, what does that mean? It turns out H.E.R. is Disney star Gabriella “Gabi” Wilson, who was signed to RCA Records at the age of 14 and released her first single, ‘Something To Prove,’ in 2014. With the H.E.R. persona, she casts off stardom. In an interview with NPR , she said, “This is the era of the anti-star. I really just wanted it to be about the music, and get away from, “Who is she with” and “What is she wearing?’” When “H.E.R. Volume 1” came out
BMI has provided a few snippets of advice to help songwriters. First, live with the song before immediately recording a demo. A well-written has a much longer life. Wait until a song is well-written and properly demoed to start promoting it. It is important to understand different song structures, which is the best starting point when writing a song. Learning an instrument can make it easier to communicate a song and is another advantage as a songwriter. Interacting with other songwriters is helpful in refining your songwriting skills. Finally, be patient and continue to actively better your songwriting. To read more on this article, click the link below: Like this:Like Loading...
The modern recording technology has provided freedom to work out any idea along with extra digital space but this means not having to plan anything and pilling on the takes. For example, engineers switching to digital technology has made it unnecessary to group instruments together but grouping proves helpful for a proper blend of instruments. The fix for this problem is sub-grouping individuals tracks, with their own effects, to allow all tracks to move in equal intervals. It is also helpful to create a written record of each recording session. The best approach to digital recording technology is to maintain a tracking discipline. To read more on this article, click the link below: Like this:Like Loading...
BMI Creatives team weighs in on this important question. Here is what they had to say: MaryAnn Kee.Creative, Nashville (Country)n believes vocals and production are equally important. A producer must create a song that has to be good enough for the artist want to express it as their own words to get the most desirable vocals. Omar Grant, New York (R&B/Hip-Hop) believes production is the most important of a demo because production creates the final track from start to finish. He says that the only time vocals are important in creating a demo is when the vocal track is being recorded but fine tuning vocals is a part of production. Like this:Like Loading...
By: Mia Manns Best known for songs “Yes Indeed” and “Freestyle,” American rapper Lil Baby was raised by his mother in Atlanta, Georgia. Lil Baby is a young one; born Dominique Jones, he came into this world in 1994. His rap name came from older friends he was hanging out with on the block as young as ten years old who would call him ‘Lil Baby.’ Lil Baby grew up with figures in the music industry you can name drop. His managers Pierre Thomas, or Pee, and Coach K on the Quality Control label knew Lil Baby as a teenager. A high school friend of Young Thug, Lil also received mentorship from Gunna, who has said in interviews that he taught Lil the basics of

January 8, 2019

Meet 6lack

By Josh Weiner Atlanta rapper 6lack finds lyrical inspirations from many similar sources as some of the all-time greats have done. Like Kanye West, he is able to recount a near-death experience in a car crash. Like Eminem and the Notorious B.I.G., he lets his tender feelings for his daughter run freely in his songs. And like OutKast, Ludacris, and many other Atlanta natives, he is clearly a major fan of the Gate City, to the point of naming his most recent album East Atlanta Love Letter. At a mere 4 years of age, Ricardo Valdez Valentine had already been bitten by the recording bug when he had his first studio session at his parents’ place. It didn’t take him long to turn to hip-hop: