Phantasy Management LLC, is a full service talent management company located in Baltimore, MD. The overall goal is to help guide independent artists through the entertainment industry. Get a sense of what we are about at Phantasy Management. Check out our amazing team and talented clients. Are you an independent artist with a dream? Our Phantasy Management staff are ready and able to help you reach your goals.

We are a company where musicians and producers have a creative outlet to support and nurture their skill to create their best platform: a platform saturated in culture. However, we also train the musicians the business world of collaboration to ultimately reach their goals.

Our approach:

To provide the groundwork capable of steering both music and business with concentration on helping the musicians create and implement long lasting connections with consumers. If you are in the business of entertainment you must have a strong foundation of viable music that connects with your audience. It’s our job to have the best experienced producers and songwriters to target the audience, and help the artists achieve their goals.


Artist Development

At Phantasy management, we take specialized care in shaping the artist career for the long run. With a carefully crafted plan, we develop the artist stage presence, social media presence, songwriting skills and etc.



At Phantasy Management, brand managers provide competitive marketing techniques and use analysis tools to reach the target market for your brand. By continuously monitoring the marketing trends we are able to build a connection with the target audience and ultimately expand your brand. We offer management of artists’ marketing and promotion information — biographies, social profile, photos, videos, news, press releases, tour dates and simultaneous updating of your social networks, artist sites and blogs.


Project Management

At Phantasy Management we tackle all projects, big or small. Our team helps you to achieve your companies goals, within budget and on schedule.

Web Design

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Music Publishing

As a music publishing company, our job is to protect the artist by ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially.

Public Relations

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MIC MASTTERS, which stands for Magnificent Intellectual Creators, is an innovative hip hop series that incorporates hip-hop artists, producers and dj's under one roof. MIC MASTTERS features independent artists from the DMV area, while showcasing the latest fashion urban wear in the city.  The show’s main objective is to grab an audience between the ages of 15 to 25 by interviewing the newest Hip-Hop and Rap Artist while bringing the latest entertainment news to the DMV area. The show will feature all upcoming projects from each artist we showcase.

Recent Posts

March 8, 2018

Casey Veggies Profile

Odd Future, an all-star gathering of Los Angeles hip-hop talents, has certainly produced its heavyweights over the years– Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator among them. Another one to keep an eye out for is founding member Casey Veggies, who has amassed quite a substantial body of work for one so young. It helps that Casey Veggies (whose real last name is Jones) got off to quite an early start. He was only fourteen when his debut mixtape, Customized Greatly Vol. 1, saw the light of day. Fresh out of high school, Casey joined Mac Miller as an opening act on the Blue Slide Park Tour and has continued to make live appearances alongside artists like Wiz Khalifa and Rita Ora in the

March 8, 2018

Sylvan LaCue Profile

Miami’s hip-hop scene has churned out plenty of household names– Rick Ross, Flo Rida and Pitbull among them– whose music has been wildly successful on the commercial front, if not always, the most thematically compelling material out there. Looking to balance out that trend is Sylvan LaCue, a Magic City native who is reaching for hip-hop stardom through the hard-hitting narratives he has to share on the mic. Having previously formed under the stage name QuESt– a reference to both Drake and Nas– LaCue has been making music since 2009 and was briefly signed to Visionary Music Group, a project sponsored by fellow rapper Logic. This career phase featured a plethora of mixtapes, including the widely-applauded Searching Sylvan in 2014. Critics remarked that LaCue had

The last time we heard music from G.O.O.D Music artist Teyana Taylor was about three years ago. Since then, Taylor has been seen at fashion shows, supporting her fiancé NBA player Iman Shumpert, and enjoying motherhood with her first-born daughter Iman “Junie” Tayla Shumpert. But before taking the world by storm with her amazing “snapback” body in Kanye West’s music video for “Faded”, she was just a young girl with some dreams from Harlem, New York. In 2007, Taylor signed a record deal with Pharrell Williams’s Star Trak Entertainment and around the same time she made her first national appearance on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16”. But because she was seen so quickly after her record deal people expected her music to come out instantly,

While Kanye West largely took a break from music-making in 2017, releasing no new solo LP and relatively few beats by his standards, Quavo kept super-busy. He scored four Top 10 singles; achieved critical acclaim with his group Migos’ latest project, Culture; and even put out a last-minute, barely-promoted record with Travis Scott this past December.   In the new year, Quavo has kept the creative productivity going strong. Culture II saw the light of day on January 26th, and the Georgia-based MC has reportedly made his first collaborations in the studio with Mr. West.   When asked during an interview with KRRL to name his “biggest homie who’s helped with the production side,” Quavo mentioned Kanye West and revealed that they had begun making

Like Tupac Shakur before him, Gucci Mane stayed busy writing while serving a brief prison sentence. Within five months, the rapper managed to churn out an autobiography describing his southern upbringing and the many trials he faced before finally breaking out into the Atlanta hip-hop scene. After former XXL Magazine editor. Neil-Martinez-Belkin helped him hammer the manuscript into shape, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane hit shelves this past September.   The book was critically-acclaimed– one writer described it as “a revelation and a welcome addition to hip-hop’s literary legacy”– and it charted reasonably well on The New York Times bestseller list. Looking to capitalize on this success, Gucci Mane has now revealed his intention to bring his own story to the big screen.   “#TheAutoBiographyOfGuccimane

Complex has a history of compiling audacious lists— from “The Best Rapper Alive, Every Year Since 1979” to “The 50 Best Album-Openers in Rap History.” As the calendar turns yet another page, the website has returned to its time-honored tradition of commemorating the artistry of the past year. This includes identifying the Top 20 Verses of 2017. To be sure, this is a commendable list which identifies many of the genre’s current heavyweights. Black Thought’s widely-applauded Funk Flex Freestyle is deservedly granted the Top Spot. Kendrick Lamar’s chilling street tale on “Duckworth,” and Future’s most successful single to date, “Mask Off,” are among the obvious candidates that make the cut. Complex has also achieved a solid balance of veterans and newcomers, as well as mainstream