About Us

Phantasy Management LLC, is a full-service Business Management company that will bring Project Management, and Creative Development skills to your growing organization. Our team members are ready and willing to use their creative branding, and marketing ideas to achieve the goals of a person’s career or any Company project.

Here at Phantasy Management LLC., we use our Management, and Creative Development skills to advance the careers of musical entertainers with our credible resources, and reliable associates. The Phantasy Management LLC. talent management company is located in Baltimore, MD, and is capable of working with entertainers across the globe. Our overall goal is to help guide independent artists through the entertainment industry, with strong Branding, Marketing, and Financial planning techniques. Through hard work and individualized strategy plans;  as well as, a bit of luck your career will be in the right path with Phantasy Management LLC. Get a sense of what we are about at Phantasy Management by checking out our amazing team and talented clients. Are you an independent artist with a dream? Our Phantasy Management staff are ready and able to help you achieve your goals.



If you are interested in any of our services that we offer, please fill out the intake form and someone from our team will get back with you.


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i.e. @ulovproducer, www.facebook.com/uloventertainment, www youtube.com/hk3874h