Casey Veggies

By: Josh Weiner

Odd Future, an all-star gathering of Los Angeles hip-hop talents, has certainly produced its heavyweights over the years– Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator among them. Another one to keep an eye out for is founding member Casey Veggies, who has amassed quite a substantial body of work for one so young.

It helps that Casey Veggies (whose real last name is Jones) got off to quite an early start. He was only fourteen when his debut mixtape, Customized Greatly Vol. 1, saw the light of day. Fresh out of high school, Casey joined Mac Miller as an opening act on the Blue Slide Park Tour and has continued to make live appearances alongside artists like Wiz Khalifa and Rita Ora in the years since.

“Odd Future” remains Casey’s principal claim to fame. Originally named “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All,” the Los Angeles collective was founded in 2007 and emerged with its first release, The Odd Future Tape, the following year. Casey was featured on eight of the mixtape’s nineteen tracks, including the Tyler, the Creator duet “Odd Toddlers,” which was later recycled on Tyler’s debut mixtape, Bastards.

Casey has since parted ways with Odd Future (“I wanted to do my own thing,” he has explained), but remains on good terms with the members of the group and still collaborates in the studio with them on a regular basis. Although his debut LP, Live & Grow, only peaked at #93 on the Billboard 200 in 2015, it did feature many memorable tracks, particularly the singles “Tied Up” and “Backflip.” The Los Angeles rapper also has eight mixtapes to his name, most recently 2016’s Customized Greatly Vol. 4: The Return of The Boy.

Having spent over 10 of his 25 years in the hip-hop game, Casey Veggies shows no signs of calling it quits any time soon.













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