MIC MASTTERS, which stands for Magnificent Intellectual Creators, is an innovative hip hop series that incorporates hip-hop artists, producers and dj’s under one roof. MIC MASTTERS features independent artists from the DMV area, while showcasing the latest fashion urban wear in the city.  The show’s main objective is to grab an audience between the ages of 15 to 25 by interviewing the newest Hip-Hop and Rap Artist while bringing the latest entertainment news to the DMV area. The show will feature all upcoming projects from each artist we showcase.


How to be a part of Mic Mastters:
Step 1
Create three 2 minute videos of your beat. Be creative.
  • Log onto to YouTube,
  • Upload your videos, Title them Mic Mastters “Social Spotlight”: (Your Name).
  • Add the tag phantasy tv, phantasymanagement,llc., social spotlight to your video
  • Click save & upload your video.
  • The URL will populate at the top of the screen. Copy the URL.
Step 2
  • Click on the Mic Mastters tab
  • Fill out the registration form and paste your YouTube URL link into the appropriate spot.
  • Save & Submit
Be sure the information you give is accurate. There is a $20.00 non refundable application fee located at the bottom of the registration form. Once your application is submit, you will receive a confirmation email. A member from our team will review your information and contact you within 48 hours after submission regarding your application. 


Registration Form