Day to Day Women Who Rock Out!

By Lauren Robinson A.K.A Nobody’s Millennium

Women Who Rock is an event that was held at Silvana Harlem by magazine Wit+ Grace and City Love NYC. I had no expectations about how the event itself would go or the type of performances the artists would give. I thought the venue would have been bigger, similar to a ball room, but it was held in a cozy, intimate bar like basement. There were tables and chairs set up throughout the room. The stage and band were the first things you could see once going down the stairs of the venue. At around 8:15 p.m. the hosts were greeting the audience and one put on an unexpected performance that was very lively which pumped me up for the night’s festivities.

Cherie Chalouhi was the first performer of the night. She did original compositions of songs that were based off of real life experiences she’s had with dating but with her own twist. Her original music reminded me of something you’d see on Broadway because it’s so fresh and can relate to a continuing storyline. Her last song was a mashup of “Can’t stop/ Price tag” by Miley Cyrus and Jessie J.

Madina Cury was the second performer and was a bombshell. She began her performance with Adele’s “Hello”.  Her vocal ability was strong yet original, she didn’t try to be Adele or sing exactly like her. She then sang an original song titled “You” which is on iTunes and is a part of the soundtrack of a movie. That song showed her ability to have original content that was still powerful even though I never heard it before. It also showed  her wide range from being able to hit very high notes but still maintaining her strength. It’s usually very risky for an unknown artist to perform original content but she slammed dunked the emotional performance and left me wanting more. Her last song was Michael Jackson’s “Rock with you” which she rocked out. I normally don’t sing along because I can’t sing to save my life but she uplifted my energy and made me want to participate.

Bethsaida was the third performer and slowed the night down a little to give some peace and positivity with her acoustic rendition of “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. She also gave strong vocal performances and continuity of her original music. It was interesting to hear her poetic lyrics intertwine with her guitar strumming and the drums in the background.

Liz Vice was the last performer of the night and left us on a strong high note. By the end of her performance I felt myself engulfed in a natural high on life and felt like anything was possible. She stayed involved with the audience the entire time with her own original content and a cover of Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”. During “Crazy” we sang back to her every time the chorus came around. During her original content she had us stand up and sway with each other to her music to give us hope of there being a better future no matter of our current circumstances.

I didn’t get a chance to speak in depth with each artist at the time after the performances, the band was taking down the stage and packing up, but I was able to introduce myself, get their contact information and take a selfie with Liz Vice.

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