Amy Russak

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My name is Amy Russak. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I completed a Music and Business degree at Otterbein University in Westerville, OH. Along with being an A&R representative for Phantasy Management LLC, I also work for Stage AE and do freelance work as a classical musician. When I am not working, […]

Getting To Know H.E.R.

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By Mia Manns Everyone finds the mystery in “H.E.R. Volume 1.” First of all, the artist didn’t show her face in videos or promotional material until 2018. H.E.R. stands for Having Everything Revealed, which may leave some still fans wondering, what does that mean? It turns out H.E.R. is Disney star Gabriella “Gabi” Wilson, who […]

Simple Advice for Songwriters

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BMI has provided a few snippets of advice to help songwriters. First, live with the song before immediately recording a demo. A well-written has a much longer life. Wait until a song is well-written and properly demoed to start promoting it. It is important to understand different song structures, which is the best starting point […]

The Perils of Overproduction

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The modern recording technology has provided freedom to work out any idea along with extra digital space but this means not having to plan anything and pilling on the takes. For example, engineers switching to digital technology has made it unnecessary to group instruments together but grouping proves helpful for a proper blend of instruments. […]

What’s the most important part of a demo – the vocal or the production?

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BMI Creatives team weighs in on this important question. Here is what they had to say: MaryAnn Kee.Creative, Nashville (Country)n believes vocals and production are equally important. A producer must create a song that has to be good enough for the artist want to express it as their own words to get the most desirable […]

For Lil Baby, It’s All About Timing

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By: Mia Manns Best known for songs “Yes Indeed” and “Freestyle,” American rapper Lil Baby was raised by his mother in Atlanta, Georgia. Lil Baby is a young one; born Dominique Jones, he came into this world in 1994. His rap name came from older friends he was hanging out with on the block as […]