Our Team

LeNiya Davis

LeNiya is a native of Washington, D.C, currently majoring in Mass Communications at Delaware State University. She is pursing her public relations and music entertainment career in Dover, DE. LeNiya believes that dedication, perseverance and hard-work are the keys to success to achieving your goals and dreams. As a Washington, DC native, and a former resident of the area, she is very familiar with the culture, geography and creative opportunities for which she is interested in pursuing. Her contribution derives from her familiarity with night clubs in the Baltimore area, connections to local DJ’s and the ability to promote your brand and services to emerging artists. Her strengths include networking, follow-ups, ability to work independently, and creatively set and achieve goals.

As a Mass Communications major, she is actively involved in the PR team located on campus. Some of the duties include: orchestrating events, clubs, organizations, and community service projects. Recently,

LeNiya joined “Winner’s Circle Radio”. Winners’ Circle is a new organization in the Washington DC area that provides packages to artists allowing them an online platform to promote and get their music heard.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, writing and making her own music. LeNiya’s desire, passion and love for the art of music has allowed her to use music as a positive outlet to express her views and values for promoting the art. One of her favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou which states “Success is liking yourself; liking what you do and liking how you do it.” By maintaining a positive attitude and doing what you love you will always become successful.