For Lil Baby, It’s All About Timing

By: Mia Manns

Best known for songs “Yes Indeed” and “Freestyle,” American rapper Lil Baby
was raised by his mother in Atlanta, Georgia. Lil Baby is a young one; born
Dominique Jones, he came into this world in 1994. His rap name came from
older friends he was hanging out with on the block as young as ten years old who
would call him ‘Lil Baby.’
Lil Baby grew up with figures in the music industry you can name drop. His
managers Pierre Thomas, or Pee, and Coach K on the Quality Control label
knew Lil Baby as a teenager. A high school friend of Young Thug, Lil also
received mentorship from Gunna, who has said in interviews that he taught Lil
the basics of rapping: how to ad-lib, and how to save tracks on his phone.
Lil Baby’s music career started at the end of a two-year prison sentence, after
which his debut mix tape “Perfect Timing” blew up. A collaboration with his close
friends Lil Yachty , Young Thug , and Gunna , the mix tape’s lyrics come from deep
reflection during Lil Baby’s time in prison. When the new artist and his team came
up with the songs for “Perfect Timing” in just two days, everybody saw that he
had natural musical ability.
Lil Baby never stops dropping new tracks, such as singles like ‘My Dawg’ and, in
collaboration with Young Thug, ‘Pink Slip’ in the summer of 2017. ‘Harder than
Hard,’ the next mixtape by Lil Baby, was followed by his debut studio album
“Harder Than Ever.” Released in May of 2018, the album features Drake,
Offset, Lil Uzi Vert, and others, and debuted at number three on the US Billboard
200 chart.
Lil Baby’s chart-busting songs combine catchy tunes and beats with deeply
psychological lyrics about the pain of his past. It’s a blend that connects with
listeners. Additional mix tapes include ‘2 The Hard Way,’ with Mario, ‘Too Hard,’
‘Drip Harder,’ with Gunna, and ‘Street Gossip.’ Don’t forget to stream ‘Out the
Mud,’ his track with Future, an inevitable Atlanta scene pairing.

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