Phantasy Management LLC, is a full service talent management company located in Baltimore, MD. The overall goal is to help guide independent artists through the entertainment industry. Get a sense of what we are about at Phantasy Management. Check out our amazing team and talented clients. Are you an independent artist with a dream? Our Phantasy Management staff are ready and able to help you reach your goals.

We are a company where musicians and producers have a creative outlet to support and nurture their skill to create their best platform: a platform saturated in culture. However, we also train the musicians the business world of collaboration to ultimately reach their goals.

Our approach:

To provide the groundwork capable of steering both music and business with concentration on helping the musicians create and implement long lasting connections with consumers. If you are in the business of entertainment you must have a strong foundation of viable music that connects with your audience. It’s our job to have the best experienced producers and songwriters to target the audience, and help the artists achieve their goals.




Artist Development

At Phantasy management, we take specialized care in shaping the artist career for the long run. With a carefully crafted plan, we develop the artist stage presence, social media presence, songwriting skills and etc.



At Phantasy Management, brand managers provide competitive marketing techniques and use analysis tools to reach the target market for your brand. By continuously monitoring the marketing trends we are able to build a connection with the target audience and ultimately expand your brand. We offer management of artists’ marketing and promotion information — biographies, social profile, photos, videos, news, press releases, tour dates and simultaneous updating of your social networks, artist sites and blogs.


Project Management

At Phantasy Management we tackle all projects, big or small. Our team helps you to achieve your companies goals, within budget and on schedule.

Web Design

Your website is a extension of your business and plays a big part in securing new clients as well as retaining the old ones. We work diligently with our clients to insure that their website represents there brand fully.

Music Publishing

As a music publishing company, our job is to protect the artist by ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially.

Public Relations

Our public relations department is here to take the stress of dealing with the public off of your hands so you can continue to succeed as an businessman/women. We will protect, enhance and build your reputation through the media, while successfully delivering a spot on message that speaks to your companies brands.


Graphic Design

Let our graphic design artist take your idea to the next level. We connect you with your target market by means of visual communications.


Our amazing photographers are here to deliver the best experience you have ever had when taking pictures. Whether the images you take are professional head shots, marketing purposes, or to celebrate an event, our team creatives a look that is professionally creative and takes you to the next level. You deserve the best photos, why not let our team create the best for you!




The Core Group



Recent Posts

By Josh Weiner Two years after his viral comedy single, “Dat $tick,” Indonesian rapper Rich Brian has moved onto the next phase of his career with the release of his first full-length album, Amen. Born and raised in Jakarta, hip-hop became a springboard into American culture, the English language, and a recording hobby for young Brian Immanuel throughout his adolescence. Upon discovering Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” in 2012, the future MC embarked upon an in-depth exploration of rap music and culture. Immanuel wrote his first song in 2014, released his first track on YouTube in 2015, and finally achieved a debut single in the form of “Dat $tick” in early 2016. Immanuel’s flow on “Dat $tick” was decent enough, but there was something self-parodic about his

August 8, 2018

Terrace Martin

Embed from Getty Images By Josh Weiner “The link between rap and jazz has always been more wishful thinking on the part of critics than anything actual,” TIME once wrote. Looking to alter that impression is Terrace Martin, a multi-instrumentalist whose jazzy production has enlivened many prominent rappers’ recent output, and who also has compiled plenty of solo material in his own right, particularly 2016’s remarkable Velvet Portraits. A native of Crenshaw, Los Angeles, Martin spent much of his early career navigating the rich music scene in his hometown of Los Angeles, CA. He joined forces with a number of celebrities out there on various occasions,  such as touring with Puff Daddy and the gospel choir God’s Property, and appearing on a Power 106 radio

August 7, 2018

Blac Youngsta

Embed from Getty Images By Josh Weiner Many rappers have been engaged in a dual battle of putting out popular music while also trying to overcome legal troubles. The latest to this party is Blac Youngsta, a South Memphis MC who has made various dents in the charts, while also having run-ins with the law that threaten to undermine his career progress. Blac Youngsta was born Sammie Marquez Benson in 1990. Although he was subjected to a “suffocated socioeconomic upbringing,” Benson made ends meet by means both ethical (working at a grocery store) and less so (selling drugs and stealing food from the store he worked at). After a friend suggested he give rapping a try, Benson began recording mixtapes– including his Fast Brick trilogy–
Photo By: Kaite McCurdy 2018 By Lauren Robinson A.K.A Nobody’s Millennium Before becoming a rapper named Rico Nasty she was first an only born child in Largo, Maryland, named Maria Kelly. Largo is described by the rapper as “[having] nice homes and black-owned businesses, but it gets rough real fast,” she says. At age 11, she and her mom moved to the Palmer Park area which was a tougher scenery. Rico did not adjust well to her new surroundings. Her grades began to slip so her mother sent her to a Baltimore boarding school for high-achieving disenfranchised students. From a young age, Rico had a different mindset than her peers, and didn’t try to conform with middle school cliques. In an interview with Fader, Rico
Embed from Getty Images By Lauren Robinson A.K.A Nobody’s Millennium Abby Jasmine, 19-year-old Staten Island native who first began her rap career with comedic viral videos across multiple social media platforms, such as Vine. Collectively she has over 700,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter, and because of her freestyle rap videos, parodies, and short skits. Jasmine’s first song titled, “Long Live”, released earlier in 2018, was a freestyle over rapper Baka’s “Live Up to My Name.” In an interview with Report Card Radio, Jasmine stated that being the daughter of a pastor, she got her first love of music in church. In an interview with All Def Music, Jasmine states that both her parents sing, which furthered her interest in music. Her dad has a

July 14, 2018


By Josh Weiner “[My] class was a mixture of dem spellin’ bee winners and dem PG killers,” Jay IDK raps in the opening minutes of his 2016 full-length debut, IWASVERYBAD. This line summarizes the rapper’s mixed fortunes growing up quite handily. On the one hand, the man born Jason Mills was raised middle-class, had a supportive family, and attended college. On the other, Mills grew up in Prince George’s County, one of the most troubled regions of the greater Washington, DC area; attended a dysfunctional school and had several run-ins with the law. The most serious of these was an armed robbery of a pizza store, which eventually earned him a stint in prison. These range experiences have given Jay IDK (Ignorance Delivering Knowledge) plenty