Rapture Becomes Netflix’s Latest Hip-Hop Forray

By Josh Weiner

Netflix has already dabbled considerably with rap music. The Get Down and Hip-Hop Evolution were two fine original productions that explored hip-hop’s origins in 1970’s New York. With next month’s Rapture, the streaming service will take the story further and document how hip-hop culture managed to spread across the world and eventually achieve a dominant presence on all six continents.

The eight-part documentary series features a strong cast of commentators. Nas, who previously collaborated with Netflix on The Get Down, will return to offer the deep insight he possesses as a quarter-century veteran of the genre. Younger MC’s– Logic, 2 Chainz, T.I., Rapsody and G-Eazy among them– will also be featured in an episode apiece, which will all be stitched together so as to offer a collective portrayal of the lives of professional rappers.

According to a statement issued by Netflix, Rapture is designed to present a panoramic view of these artists’ backgrounds and careers– from hanging out at home with their family and friends “to experiencing the ecstatic power of moving the crowd.” This approach will emphasize just how much hip-hop has impacted their own lives and those of their fans across the globe

The show will be helmed by multiple veterans of nonfiction television, including Ben Selkow, Zana Lawrence and Geete Gandbhir, and Sacha Jenkins. The latter of these co-directors underline the significance of portraying  how far hip-hop has come from its origins in New York City and the United States.

“Today, rap music is the heartbeat of Mother Earth,” she said. “Netflix is the embodiment of the eyes from which she sees.”

Given how thoroughly hip-hop has spread across the globe over the past four decades, such an ambitious narrative seems fully befitting. With the scope and talent behind this production, expectations are high for when Rapture finally becomes available to stream on March 30th.






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