What’s Gucci? Rapper Announces Plans for a Biopic

By: Josh Weiner

Like Tupac Shakur before him, Gucci Mane stayed busy writing while serving a brief prison sentence. Within five months, the rapper managed to churn out an autobiography describing his southern upbringing and the many trials he faced before finally breaking out into the Atlanta hip-hop scene. After former XXL Magazine editor. Neil-Martinez-Belkin helped him hammer the manuscript into shape, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane hit shelves this past September.

The book was critically-acclaimed– one writer described it as “a revelation and a welcome addition to hip-hop’s literary legacy”– and it charted reasonably well on The New York Times bestseller list. Looking to capitalize on this success, Gucci Mane has now revealed his intention to bring his own story to the big screen.

“#TheAutoBiographyOfGuccimane is coming to a theatre 🎭near you #DirectorGuccimane #1017Films,” he wrote on Twitter on Jan. 17. Details regarding the project are limited at the moment. There is no word as to when the film will enter production or who will star as Gucci Mane– acting agents will be tasked with “finding someone to mimic the rapper’s mannerisms perfectly, while also bearing a strong resemblance,” as XXL notes.

However, the rapper’s forays in the film industry are reassuring. He had a memorable supporting role in Spring Breakers (2013) and also managed to release a long-delayed 50-minute comedy, The Spot (2017) currently available online for free. Mention of “#1017Films” in his tweet indicates that there may soon be a filmmaking studio established in conjunction with 1017 Records, the music label Gucci Mane founded in 2007.

All in all, there is good reason to be excited by Gucci Mane’s ever-ambitious agenda.

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