You Go Gurl!

By Lauren Robinson A.K.A Nobody’s Millennium

Whether you know her as apple headed Gina from the 90s hit sitcom Martin or Janet (Jay) Marie Kyle on My Wife and Kids, Ms. Tisha Campbell- Martin has been no stranger to the music scene alongside her acting career. Campbell made her voice known for the soundtrack of the 1997 film, Sprung, by doing a remake of “Don’t Ask My Neighbor” along with Martin co-star Tichina Arnold. She appeared in several music videos in the 1990s-2000s, and her debut album Tisha was released January 4th, 1993. On September 21, 2015, she released the single, “Steel Here” and on February 24, 2016, Campbell released the single, “Lazy Bitch”,with an accompanying video, with her friend, Tasha Smith.
To start off 2018 Campbell has released the single, “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone” featuring new rapper Rich the Kid. The context of the single has a very grown woman appeal. But the sound of the single has a Drake Views or More Life dancehall sound that a lot of artists like Chris Brown and Omarion have tried to copy in order to find success. The only thing missing was a mix of patois throughout the track. Not to say dancehall or soca was started by Drake or doesn’t have very talented artist within each genre but there has never been such a flood within the mainstream sound to relate to those genres.

I think she did two very smart things in order to get the media’s attention with this track that previous ones didn’t. The first was uploading herself and dancers on Youtube dancing to the track and showing the world she can still perform and dance like it was the 90s. The video now has over 200,000 hits. Secondly having Rich the Kid on this track shows her paying close attention to the times and because his new single “New Freezer” features Kendrick Lamar and has been rising on the charts it contributes to the conversation of her music.

On a media standpoint Campbell has the potential to do very well but the sound of the song it’s very original and when Rich the Kid gets onto the track it shows that she just got the hottest new name to appear on her song. His verse and sound doesn’t fit in with the ambiance Campbell sets.

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